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forside 2

Sea Ghosts
Comic book, 44 pages. Written & illustrated by Jonas A. Larsen.


As a kid cpt. John McRae always knew he would join a ship crew. And he knew about all the mysteries and dangers lurking on the vast oceans; that he one day might face the monsters from his life long nightmares. One stormy night he sees a spooky sign. A warning?

A non dialouge comic/visual short story inspired by epic poems, ghost stories and tales of monsters.

Published by JAL Illustrasjon, June 14th. Buy a signed copy here.


The Magic of A Carpet
Live show for children. Written, improvised and illustrated by Jonas A. Larsen.

I am starting by telling a tale — and showing illustrations — about a cat archeologist who discovers the secret tomb of Anubis. Suddenly, a team of agents who wants to hide the discovery, appears and she needs to ecape — like, really quick! A magic carpet to the rescue! And from then on I need help from the audience to finish the story.

The show was first performed in 2018 and have been performed at several institutions and libraries through Norway.