The 131 ft Squid & Other Stories of Monstrous Creatures
Comic book/visual short stories, 40 pages. Written & illustrated by Jonas A. Larsen.

Three non word stories, featuring no dialogue and only illustrations. The title story is about a ship captain facing a monstrosity from his life long nightmares. The second, Haunting/Girl, is about a girl who is suspecting she is being haunted by a ghost. The third, The Transylvania Journals, is an adaption of the first part of Bram Stoker´s Dracula (1897).


To be published by Coffee Black Ink, April 2019.


The Magic of A Carpet
Live show for children. Written, improvised and illustrated by Jonas A. Larsen.

I am starting by telling a tale — and showing illustrations — about a cat archeologist who discovers the secret tomb of Anubis. Suddenly, a team of agents who wants to hide the discovery, appears and she needs to ecape — like, really quick! A magic carpet to the rescue! And from then on I need help from the audience to finish the story.

The show was first performed in 2018 and have been performed at several institutions and libraries through Norway.



Blodige Grøss #3
Comic book, 36 pages. Written by Jonas A. Larsen. Illustrations by Alexander Gustafson and Torgeir Trapnes.

Comic book featuring two horror comics written by me: The first (illustrated by Alexander Gustafson) is a tale of victims of the mafia returning as zombies for some revenge. The second, A Matter of Life & Death (illustrated by Torgeir Trapnes), is about a Scotland Yard investigation leading Frederick Abberline to what appears to be a living mummy.

Published by Kelpie Forlag, 2009. Sold out.