Parlor concerts
Informative comic. Text: Annie Mondegreen. Illustrations: Jonas A. Larsen.
Published online and in social media in march, 2018.

All she needs
Comic, 7 pages. Writer: Jonathan Clode. Illustrations/painting: Jonas A. Larsen.
Published by All is not well, in collaboration with Cardiff University, in December, 2017.
Read the comic for free here.

Fanzine, 24 pages. Poem: Sigbjørn Obstfelder. Writer/illustrator: Jonas A. Larsen.
Self published in june, 2017.
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Fanzine, 24 pages. Writer/illustrator: Jonas A. Larsen.
Self published through Oslo 24H in june, 2017.
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hun er fri (ny)

1740239860Hun er fri

Cartoon based on Raga Rockers song Hun er fri, made for the great anthology book Sannhet på boks — En hyllest til Raga Rockers, with is a tribute book to the band. It consist of comics, cartoons and articles by the best of Norwegian writers and artists. My cartoon is a visual take on some parts of the song, while the text is my own.

Published by Falck Forlag in December, 2015.