I See
Writer/artist: Jonas A. Larsen
Pages: 62

Three short stories in comics/picture book form, all inspired by Sigbjørn Obstfelder´s poems Jeg ser (I am seeing), Byen (City) and Navnløs (Nameless/Two Alone). I am seeing is never before been published, while the other two has been released as zines. While the latter two is kind of faithful adaptions, I am seeing is a sci-fi take on Obstfelder´s poem in a completely new setting.

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Published by: Coffee Black Ink (december, 2017)


Writer/artist: Jonas A. Larsen
Pages: 24

A visual short story in comic form, free for dialogue, inspired by Sigbjørn Obstfelder´s poem Navnløs (nameless). About a melancholic man wandering alone in the park at night; while a just as melancholic and lonesome prostitute is sitting at a bench. Dreaming about something else.

Made as a part of Oslo 24 Hours Challenge 2017: 24 pages in 24 hours during Oslo Comics Expo, where the finished comics was sold as zines the same weekend.

cover_byenVisuelle Digte 
Writer/artist: Jonas A. Larsen
Poems: Sigbjørn Obstfelder
Media: Zines, books, online

A project where I am creating comics and/or picture book hybrids based on the poems by Norwegian poet Sigbjørn Obstfelder (1863-1900). Some of the stories are published as zines or in books, while some is published exclusively at the Visuelle Digte website.

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Launched: June, 2017 (print) / September, 2017 (web)


forside-eksplodera-bok-3-til-jonas-2Eksplodera (2016-2017)
Writer: Nina Bay
Artist: Jonas A. Larsen
Media: Children´s picture books

I have illustrated four books in the series about the angry, little witch, Eksplodera. Those books tells the adventures she has with the laughing dragon, her sly black cat and the wizard in a forest shredded in magic.

«The book is once again illustrated by the talented Jonas A. Larsen. With colorful and funny drawings, the book gets extra nice»
My Criminal Mind (book blog)

«Jonas A. Larsen´s illustrations are appealing.»
Torborg Igland, Fædrelandsvennen

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Published by LiV Forlag, 2016-2017.