Captain John McRae has always been haunted by nightmares of monstrosities living in the ocean. One dark and misty night, he is seing two ghosts on a rock near his ship. As soon as he puts his eyes on them, they are gone. Like they were a sign.
Or a warning about something to come …


A wordless novel/short story inspired by epic poems, ghost stories and tales of monsters. Written & illustrated by Jonas A. Larsen.

«(…) magnificent illustrations»
Matt Wesolowski, author of the phenomenal Six Stories novels

«Good lines and unique story. A rare art treasure.»
– Simen Ingemundsen/BokTimmy

44 pages, A5 size. Published by JAL Illustrasjon, June 14th. Buy a signed copy here.

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36 pages, digital version. Published by JAL Illustrasjon, July 23th.
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