Uten navn-1

Slice of life
Fanzine / picture book. Text & illustrations by me. 32 pages.
To be released by Ink Black Coffee Ltd summer of 2018.


Children’s picture book written by Nina Bay with illustrations by me. 52 pages.
Published by Dreyer Forlag (april 2018).
You can buy the book here or in your preferred book shop.


All she needs
Comic. Writer: Jonathan Clode. Illustrator: Jonas A. Larsen.
Published by All is not well / Cardiff University (december 2017).
Read the comic.


Obstfelder fanzines
Two fanzines with comics based on two of Sigbjørn Obstfelder´s poems.  Byen was self published in may 2017. Two/Alone (based on Navnløs) was made within 24 hours and published through Oslo 24H Challenge, for release at Oslo Comics Expo, in june 2017.
See moore/buy.


Children book series written by Nina Bay with illustrations by me.
Published by LiV Forlag (2016-2018).
You can ordner the books here, or in all book stores in Norway.