Uten navn-1

Sea Ghosts
Comic / graphic short story, 44 pages.



Raslefrosken som ikke skjønte et kvekk
Children’s picture book, 52 pages. Writer: Nina Bay. Illustrations: Jonas A. Larsen.
Published by Dreyer Forlag in april, 2018.



Children´s books series. Writer: Nina Bay. Illustrations: Jonas A. Larsen
Published by LiV Forlag, 2016-2017.
You can get the books here, or in your local book store.

«(…) once again illustrated by the talented Jonas A. Larsen. With colorful and funny drawings, the book gets extra nice.»
My Criminal Mind

«(…) contains beautiful illustrations.»

«Jonas A. Larsen´s illustrations are appealing.»
Torborg Igland, Fædrelandsvennen

«(…) the book consist of nice illustrations, enjoyable for both young and old readers.»
Ark Prostebakken