Illustrator, urban artist and writer from Larvik, Norway. 


I am doing illustrations for magazines, posters, records, books and storyboards, as well as lecturing and live drawing shows. Personal projects includes fanzines, urban sketching and slice of life motives with a grain of fantasy.

I does most of my work in Procreate on the iPad Pro with an Apple pencil. I love traveling and drinking coffee outdoors, and this mobile device allows for producing work as doing so.

Cardiff University, Musikkfest Oslo, Subway, The Charlotte Guest House (London), Amund Maarud/Snaxville Records, Forlagshuset i Vestfold, Dreyer Forlag AS, Barnebokfestival!, marOder/Duplex Records, Sykehuset i Vestfold, Egmont, VESAR AS, Tylden & Co, Kingsley Systematic Film Production and Oslo Teatersenter.


  • Dagbladet
  • Aftenposten Innsikt
  • Agenda Magasin
  • Donald Duck & Co
  • Musikkfest Oslo


  • Raslefrosken by Nina Bay (Dreyer, 2018). Illustrations & cover.
  • All she needs, comic written by Jonathan Clode (All Is Not Well, 2017). Art & texting.
  • Eksplodera series by Nina Bay (LiV Forlag, 2016-2018). Illustrations & covers.
  • Lyriske Larvik (Liv Forlag, 2016). Poem.
  • Sannhet på boks — en hyllest til Raga Rockers (Falck Forlag, 2015). Cartoon.
  • VestfoldLiv (Liv Forlag, 2014). Short story.


  • The Department Of Applied Chemistry (Kingsley Emmanuel, 2020). Storyboards.


  • Jång! Lærlingfestival (2019)
  • Library tour, Vestfold Fylkeskommune (2014-2015)
  • School tours, Den Kulturelle Skolesekken i Sandefjord (2014-)


  • 2019: Visit Hoth, Finse 1222. (Group Exhibition.)
  • 2018: All is not well — Care Giving in Sequential Art, Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff (UK). (Group exhibition.)
  • 2018: iPad Drawings, Sandefjord Public Library. (Solo exhibition.)
  • 2015: DTK Students, Odonata Flycafé, Fornebu. (Student exhibition.)
  • 2015: Poems to photos, Playroom Festival. (Group exhibition.)