Freelance illustrator from Larvik, Norway, trained as an interdisciplinary artist and graphic designer. 
I prefer working digitally, with the Procreate app and the Apple Pencil for iPad as my tools of choice. This makes for the best workflow I have ever experienced: The studio can be wherever I am, featuring the full arsenal of tools required for making top quality illustrations. I love traveling and can do so and catch deadlines at the same time -- nuff said! / @jonasalarsen / +47 404 76 346

Cardiff University, Musikkfest Oslo, Subway, The Charlotte Guest House, Amund Maarud, Forlagshuset i Vestfold, Dreyer Forlag AS, Barnebokfestival, marOder, Subway, Sykehuset i Vestfold, Egmont, VESAR AS and Oslo Teatersenter.

Agenda Magasin
Aftenposten Innsikt 
Donald Duck & Co.

February 2019: Visit Hoth (Star Wars), Finse 1212
April 2018: iPad Drawings, Sandefjord Bibliotek
March 2018: All is not well -- comics about care, Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff (UK)
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